Open a Company in a Free Zone in Qatar

Updated on Friday 25th February 2022

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Foreign investors can discover the advantages of Qatar’s free trade zones where they can easily register companies, helped by our consultants. We recommend you get in touch with one of our company formation agents in Qatar who offer details about Qatar free zone company formation costs.

How many free zones are in Qatar?

At the moment there are two important free trade zones, Umm Alhould (near Hamad Port) and Ras Boufantas (near Hamad International Airport), found under the supervision of Qatar Free Zones Authority (QFZA). The main purpose of these free zones is to attract foreign investments and international entrepreneurs as much as possible, offering a wide range of benefits in matters of business:
  1. Great partnership opportunities and innovation facilities.
  2. 100% ownership in companies established in Qatar.
  3. No corporate taxes and no customs duty.
  4. No personal income taxes.
The registration of a company in Qatar’s free trade zones can be made with guidance and support offered by our team of company formation representatives in Qatar. We are at your service at any time and we can tell you all the details referring to the Qatar free zone company formation costs.

Conditions to open a company in a free trade zone in Qatar

Even if the legislation is permissive in Qatar, foreign investors will have to observe a few requirements in terms of business registration:
  • They can open limited liability companies with a minimum share capital of QAR 200,000, having 100% ownership in the firm.
  • The Articles of Association must comprise information about the owners, the activities, business address, general rules, etc.
  • One must obtain the needed licenses and permits, issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar.
  • The company must obtain the TIN or the tax number by registering with the Public Revenue and Tax Authority.

You can talk to our company formation agents in Qatar if you want more details about company formation costs in Qatar.

Information about Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul

Umm Alhoul covers 30 square kilometers and has direct access to Hamad Port. Food processing, logistics, automotive, petrochemicals, maintenance, and repair are some divisions of Umm Alhoul.
As for Ras Bufontas, the area has 24 pre-built industrial units stretching up to 1,500 square km. Those who need logistics or are involved in aviation, emerging technologies, or light manufacturing can carry out their activities here.

We invite you to find out more about company formation costs in Qatar from our local agents.

What is the application process for Qatar free zone company formation?

To get a better idea of ​​the formalities for Qatar free zone company formation, let's review the following:
  • If the company is already registered in Qatar, its documents will be prepared for incorporation into the free zone.
  • Copies of the managers' identity documents are required.
  • The application costs about QAR 300 and must be paid.
  • The financial statements for the last 3 years, if any.

It is important to note that the initial government fee of approximately QAR 11,000 is paid. This fee is required for the registration of a Qatar limited liability company. You can discuss more about Qatar free zone company formation costs with our local agents.

Other free zones established in Qatar

Ras Bufontas and Umm Alhoul are the main free zones companies in Qatar. In addition, foreign investors can set up free zone companies in the following:
  • Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) - chosen by foreigners interested in research and development, education, technology developments, new business. It offers a multitude of platforms dedicated to the needs of investors.
  • Qatar Financial Center (QFC) - Located in Doha, QFC addresses those in banking, Islamic finance, insurance, investment advice, asset management.

These free zones are preferred because there are no fees for repatriating profits. 100% foreign ownership is allowed, and 10% is corporate tax. Learn more from our local agents about Qatar free zone company formation costs.

Why choose Qatar free zone companies

International players interested in the benefits of the tax system can choose free zones in Qatar for business. The formalities are simple, but it is necessary to take into account the set-up fees imposed. With 100% foreign ownership and the ability to set up companies in many areas of interest, Qatar free zones are accessible to anyone.

The benefits are many in Qatar free zones. There are no customs duties imposed, the legislation is permissive, double taxation is avoided with the help of over 65 treaties. Call on our team of company formation agents in Qatar with confidence if you want to register a company in a free zone. Talk to us about company formation costs in Qatar.

What are the benefits of free trade zones in Qatar?

Complete ownership in the business, no corporate tax, no currency restrictions, modern communication, and logistics facilities, a transparent and regulatory framework are among the main advantages offered in Qatar’s free zones. There are no restrictions in matters of capital repatriation. Businessmen enjoy a wide range of partnership opportunities and are protected in matters of intellectual property.

International entrepreneurs can activate in the maritime industry, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation if they settle the business in Umm Alhould Port. As for the Ras Bufonas Free Zone found near the Hamad Airport, entrepreneurs can develop international business services, light manufacturing, consumer products, or can activate in the pharmaceutical sector.

You can address our team of consultants if you want to start your activities in Qatar’s free zones. We can tell you more about company formation costs in Qatar.

Why work with our specialists in Qatar

 The registration of a company in Qatar comes to the attention of specialists. They can handle the formalities imposed by the authorities. Let's review some aspects:
  • Preparation Articles of Association of a Qatar free zone company.
  • Preparation and documentation for the detailed business plan.
  • Application for special licenses and permits in Qatar.
  • Opening a bank account in Qatar.
  • Managing immigration formalities for foreign investors.
  • Tax registration in Qatar.
We invite you to discuss more about company formation costs in Qatar.

Making investments in Qatar

Qatar is quite attractive to foreign investors because the country provides a series of business opportunities, plus support from the authorities in terms of investment encouragements. The energy industry is one of the most developed in the country, due to the important oil and gas reserves. As such, Qatar is a large exporter of these commodities. Large companies from abroad can easily establish branches and subsidiaries in Qatar, in sectors like banking, manufacturing, finances and services, pharmaceuticals. The economic stability plays a major role when deciding for business in Qatar because entrepreneurs want to feel safe from a business point of view. We have gathered a few facts and figures about Qatar that you might find interesting:
  • In figures, the total FDI stock for 2018 was about USD 32.7 billion;
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank, Qatar ranked 77th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • Japan, USA, Singapore, and South Korea are the main business partners of Qatar;
  • Qatar has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the world, set at a 10% rate.
Foreign investors interested in Qatar free zone company formation costs are invited to contact our team of company formation specialists in Qatar. They can offer complete information and details regarding the incorporation.