Company Formation Services in Al Wakrah

Updated on Wednesday 11th August 2021

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Al Wakrah is the second-largest city in Qatar which met quite a massive development in recent years, becoming a preferred business destination for many international entrepreneurs. Foreigners can set up companies in the financial sector, oil and gas field or can focus on generating profits in tourism, IT & technology or manufacturing, considering that the government sustains the investments from abroad through varied programmes and incentives. If you are one of the entrepreneurs wanting to set up a company on Al Wakrah, we invite you to get in touch with our company formation agents in Qatar and ask for complete services.

How do I open a Qatar limited liability company?

Following a few important steps in company formation in Qatar, the limited liability company can be easily established in Al Wakrah. Support for each step in company registration in Qatar is provided by our team of consultants, meanwhile, you can make an idea about how you can open an LLC in Al Wakrah, the ideal business structure or most of the entrepreneurs:
  1. The minimum share capital for an LLC in Al Wakrah is QAR 200,000;
  2. At least two shareholders can establish a Qatar limited liability company.
  3. Foreign investors can only have 49% ownership in an LLC, so the association with a local entrepreneur is needed.
  4. All the documents of the company must be translated into Arabic.
Some foreigners might find it difficult to work with the local authorities, due to the language barrier, legislation and so on. This is where our team of company incorporation specialists in Qatar can offer in-depth support and information for opening a company in Al Wakrah. You can rely on our company formation services in Al Wakrah and benefit from the assistance of an experienced team at any time.

Do I need special licenses and permits in Al Wakrah?

Yes, some activities might require extra attention from you and especially for obtaining the needed licenses and permits. For instance, if you would like to open a restaurant in Al Wakrah, you will need a liquor permit and all sorts of approvals and licenses issued by the local authorities (water, waste, drainage, etc.) In case of entrepreneurs wanting to set up an e-commerce business, the things are quite simple in this direction, meaning that there is no need to worry about specific licenses and permits. Feel free to talk to one of our specialists and skip this time-consuming part of the company incorporation process and let us handle the formalities. 

Support for establishing branches and subsidiaries in Al Wakrah

Branches and subsidiaries can be established in Al Wakrah by big companies from overseas, looking to expand their operations at an international level in this part of Asia. The same business operations can be established by the parent company in Al Wakrah, with the help of branches, mentioning that this kind of structure is totally dependable on the mother firm. In the case of subsidiaries in Qatar, these are independent legal structures which can perform other activities too, besides the ones imposed by the parent company. In terms of documents, a declaration from the parent company intending to set up a subsidiary or a branch in Al Wakrah is needed. A business name, a board of managers and the registration for tax purposes are among the requirements for opening either a branch or a subsidiary. Let our team of specialists take care of all the formalities for establishing such business structures. We can also provide you with essential details about accounting and reporting compliance.

Can I buy a shelf company in Al Wakrah?

Yes, shelf companies are vintage companies kept on a shelf and ready for business at any time. This kind of company is recommended to those who want to skip the registration formalities of companies and have a fast start in the business field. Because it is already registered, things are simplified in this stage and as soon as the ownership transfer is concluded and the registration for tax purposes is done, the company can operate on the market. It is good to know that we can represent your interests in Qatar and act on your behalf with a power of attorney if you want to purchase a shelf company in Al Wakrah. You can also ask for account services or legal advice from our local partners in Qatar.
When it comes to business, international investors might find interesting the following details and facts:
  • USD 62,826 was the GDP per capita registered in 2017 in Qatar;
  • QAR 5783 million is the balance of trade registered in May 2019 in Qatar;
  • 10% rate is the corporate tax imposed for companies registered in Qatar;
  • approximately QAR 16,794 is the average salary per month in Qatar in 2019.
We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Qatar and ask for support and assistance if you want to set up a company in Al Wakrah and if you need complete company formation services in this city.