Establish a Branch in Qatar

Updated on Tuesday 03rd May 2022

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A branch office in Qatar represents one of the most popular forms of business through which foreign corporations undertake their activities in this country. There is not a requirement for a local citizen to have an interest in a branch, however, a branch can usually be set up only to complete one or several contracts with the local government or with a governmental agency to effectuate a public service or utility. In this article, our company formation consultants in Qatar explain different aspects related to establishing a branch in this country.
 Quick Facts  
  Applicable legislation

For foreign countries

Best used for

- banking,

- insurance,

- financial operations,

- specific projects

Minimum share capital

Time frame for the incorporation (approx.) 

Around 3 months



Legal representative required


Local bank account 


Independence from the parent company Dependent on the parent company
Liability of the parent company Full liability on the branch office's debt and obligations
Corporate tax rate   10%
Possibility of hiring local staff  Yes

How to register a branch in Qatar in 2022

To register a branch in Qatar in 2022, the company has to obtain a Ministerial Decree first, which enables it to set up a branch which is entirely owned by foreign citizens. To obtain the approval registration for a branch in Qatar, the following documents must be submitted:
  • an application form, in Arabic;
  • a copy of the Certificate of Registration for Foreign Shareholder from the country of origin;
  • a Power of Attorney from the parent company in favor of a representative of the foreign shareholder for utilization in Qatar, as well as a copy of his or her passport;
  • the Memorandum and/or the Articles of Association of the foreign investor;
  • a board decision of the foreign investor which confirms his or her wish to set up a branch in Qatar;
  • the contract with the government or with the governmental agency. It has to be translated in Arabic;
  • any other documents the Ministry might require.
After the approval is issued, the parent company has to obtain a commercial registration by filing certain documents. Our Qatar company formation advisors can provide all the necessary information on what these documents consist of. We also offer assistance for foreign investors to open a company in Qatar and information about taxation in this country, respecting the procedures for 2022.

Activities of a branch in Qatar

The activities that a branch may effectuate in Qatar are limited to effectuating specific contracts on which the registration is made. Further approval is needed to undertake other or to renew contracts. The registration of a branch is valid for the duration of the contract or contracts on which the registration is made and the branch has to be dissolved after completing these contracts, even though it can extend its activities by signing new governmental contracts. Our Qatar company formation agents can provide more details about the branch formalities for 2022.
If you need to know more about branches in Qatar, or for help in setting up such an office in this country, please speak to our company registration representatives in Qatar. We can also help you with company formation in other countries, such as Georgia, through our local partners.