Virtual Office in Qatar

Updated on Thursday 14th May 2020

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A virtual office in Qatar has all of the advantages of a traditional office space, minus the costs associated with maintenance and rental. The office is located at a prestigious business address and investors have access to a variety of services.
Our company formation agents in Qatar provide local virtual office services suited to local and foreign investors and entrepreneurs. They can offer you a virtual office in Doha or in other major cities in Qatar.

The advantages of working via a virtual office in Doha

Different types of businesses have different requirements when it comes to a suitable working space and facilities. The virtual office in Doha offers all the benefits of having a city business office, without the costs associated with renting such a space.
Working from a virtual office allows foreign investors and entrepreneurs in Qatar to maintain a professional business address and connect with their local and foreign clients at any given time. The virtual office is suitable for a multitude of types of businesses, including start-ups. Contact us if you need a virtual office in Doha.

Virtual office package in Qatar

Our Qatar company formation experts offer virtual office services in Qatar, tailored to the needs of your business. Our package includes the basic location and services options, investors having the option to upgrade this package as they need. The terms for the virtual office package are flexible and for most packages, they start from with one month of usage. 
The virtual office package in Qatar offered by our experts includes:
- business address;
- call answering and call forwarding;
- mail collecting and mail forwarding;
- secretary services and messages collection;
- call forwarding, voicemail.
Additionally, our agents can provide business services or additional space-related benefits, such as office services, private office, extra meeting room space or hosting services. Our complete package is suited to the needs of foreign entrepreneurs in Qatar who want to enter the market and establish a professional image in their business field.
To find out more about the advantages of operating a business from a virtual office and if this option is the right one for you, please contact our agents who specialize in company formation in Qatar.