Shelf Company in Qatar

Updated on Wednesday 22nd January 2020

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A shelf company in Qatar is a pre-registered legal entity that may be purchased by local or foreign investors who want to start trading right away. The main advantage of the Qatar shelf company is that it is already registered and the new owner will not have to go through the Qatar company registration process. A simple ownership transfer suffices for investors who want to skip the lengthier steps needed to form a new company.  One of our agents who specialize in Qatar company formation can help you buy a shelf company that will meet your business needs.

Reasons to buy a shelf company in Qatar

Shelf companies allow investors to start their business activities much faster than if incorporating a new company or a new free zone company. The main advantages of the ready-made company include:
- ability to start trading right away;
- credibility because the company is aged;
- increased client confidence due to corporate longevity.
One of our company formation agents in Qatar can help you buy a shelf company. We can give you more information on the conditions for foreign investments in Qatar and the special investment zones.

How to purchase a shelf company in Qatar

Ready-made companies in Qatar can be purchased as a complete package. This means that the company is registered with the Qatar authorities or with one of the authorities from one of the free zones in Qatar (for full foreign-owned companies). The shelf company has a certain type, a local name, share capital, and bank account. It does not have employees. You can also ask for information about the taxes imposed for ready-made companies in Qatar.
Investors are advised to perform a company due diligence before purchasing a ready-made company in Qatar and signing the final company transfer forms. This is recommended to make sure that the company is indeed one that has not been used for trading and that it has no debts and due credits. One of our Qatar company formation agents can help you during this phase or can recommend you how to search for a ready-made company that is suitable for your business needs.
You can contact us for more information on buying a pre-registered company or on the steps needed to register your own Qatar company.