Investor Visa in Qatar

Updated on Thursday 26th August 2021

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Qatar is a top destination for foreign investors due to its advantages. Being the third country with the largest oil and gas resources in the world, Qatar is attractive in terms of profits generated by this sector. Those wishing to make investments in this country should observe the required conditions, including those relating to the needed visas. Our immigration consultants in Qatar are at your disposal with specialized help and can take care of the formalities involved, on your behalf. Feel free to address your questions about Qatar investor visa.

How to get a Qatar investor visa

Qatar Golden Visa is addressed to those who want to invest in this country and who want to enjoy certain benefits. It is important to know from the beginning that this type of visa does not guarantee a permanent stay in Qatar, other conditions being imposed here. Here is what a Qatar investment visa for foreigners entails:
  •  The authorities are entitled to make detailed checks on the type of investment you want to make in Qatar. In this sense, a selection can be made.
  •  The protocols involve a series of documents, including some medical tests, and a clear criminal record.
  •  The source of the money to be invested in Qatar will be verified.
  •  The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  •  Health insurance is required for applicants.

So, these are some of the conditions required to get the Qatar investor visa with the mention that you can rely on all the support provided by our team of company formation agents in Qatar.

Is a business visa different from a Qatar investment visa?

Qatar business visa is valid for 72 hours and can be obtained upon arrival in the country. This type of visa does not offer the possibility to open a business in Qatar but is addressed to those interested in short business trips, meetings with potential partners, or business conventions. Therefore, a business visa is different from Qatar Golden Visa, and for more details please contact our specialists in the field.

Qatar residency by investment program

Foreign businessmen can apply for the Qatar residency by investment program to benefit from various advantages, such as permanent residency. Even if at the moment the necessary amount for investments in Qatar is not established, but only the acquisition of properties worth at least USD 200,000, the program offers residency for 5 years, in the first phase. In addition, it is important to note that only in certain areas of Qatar it is allowed to buy real estate for investment in this country, and the Ministry of Interior is the institution that makes the necessary verifications. We remind you that our team has experience in immigration and relocation issues, so do not hesitate to talk to us and find out all the details about Qatar investment visa.

Why invest in Qatar

Qatar is a modern country, and the authorities continue to implement various programs to develop and attract foreign investors. It is important to emphasize that stable politics and economics play an important role in this direction. In addition, the economic development plans extend to at least 2030. The first step in this direction was to change the laws on foreign investors who can benefit from 100% ownership for companies established in Qatar, in most economic sectors. Moreover, the authorities want to attract foreign investment in the field of renewable energy.

According to world organizations, Qatar is considered the country with the greatest potential for human development, compared to other Arab states. Here are some interesting data and statistics that highlight the economic direction of Qatar:
  1. Total foreign investment in Qatar in 2019 amounted to approximately USD 32 billion.
  2. The economic sector continues in the direction of foreign privatization, and the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar is expected to attract many foreign investors.
  3. Infrastructure, education, healthcare, financial services, and tourism are among the most prolific sectors for foreign investment.
  4. Qatar's tax system is extremely advantageous. The country offers the lowest corporate income tax rate, of only 10%. In addition, there are no taxes for personal incomes in Qatar.
  5. Although Qatar's business market is small, it is connected to major international hubs.

Would you like to learn more about Qatar Golden Visa? We invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Qatar and benefit from personalized offers.