Company Formation Services in Umm Said

Updated on Wednesday 11th August 2021

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Umm Said is a port city in Qatar, part of the Al Wakrah municipality and an appealing business destination for international investors wanting to thrive in one of the most important industrial zones in Qatar, but not limited to these. Those wanting to start a business in Umm Said should solicit the assistance of our company formation specialists in Qatar and find out complete information about the support they can offer.

What types of companies can I open in Umm Said?

Foreign entrepreneurs have different business structures to choose from, and among these, the simple partnership company, the limited liability company, the joint partnership, the joint venture company or the public shareholding company. Investors can also decide on a limited shares partnership company for a minimum share capital of QAR 1 million. In this case, the joint partners are personally liable for the company debts.
Holding companies can also represent the best interest of an investor in Umm Said, as such structure can have control in one or more companies if he or she holds at least 51% of the shares in a company. A holding company must have a capital of QAR 10 million, and for more details about how you can establish such an entity, we invite you to talk to one of our company formation specialists in Qatar.

Can I open a limited liability company in Umm Said?

Yes, the limited liability company can be established by foreign investors in Qatar by at least two shareholders, among which, a Qatari partner. This is the most common business structure in Qatar and below you can find important information about how you can open an LLC in Umm Said:
  1. QAR 200,000 is the minimum share capital that needs to be deposited for opening an LLC in Umm Said.
  2. The local partner must have no more than 49% ownership in the company; our lawyers can give you more details about this requirement;
  3. The business name needs to be authorized by the Commercial Registration Office in Umm Said.
  4. A local bank account needs to be opened for depositing the minimum share capital.
  5. The Commercial Residence is an important document which is obtained from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar.
  6. The Articles of Association must hold information about the owners, the activities, the formation of the company, and are issued by the Ministry of Justice.
  7. The Trade License is needed for establishing the business office in Umm Said.
Our company formation agents in Umm Said are at your disposal if you want to set up a limited liability company. They can take care of all the formalities for opening an LLC in Umm Said, in respect with the applicable laws.

Can I receive support for obtaining licenses and permits in Umm Said?

Yes, one of our company formation agents in Qatar can provide in-depth support for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits for your business in Umm Said. Our consultant can deal with the formalities involved, regardless of the activities you wish to develop in Umm Said. One should note that having a business in the e-commerce field does not require a special license or permits, therefore, things can be quite simple when it comes to company registration. 

Asking for company formation services in Umm Said

Our company incorporation agents in Qatar are at your service if you decide on starting a business in Umm Said. The support of our consultants will prove quite essential, especially if you are a foreign entrepreneur who does not have a clear picture about the applicable legislation. Our company formation services in Umm Said can comprise the following:
  • support in company formation with the entitled authorities;
  • support for tax compliance and registration for your business in Umm Said;
  • assistance for obtaining special licenses and permits;
  • complete accounting services on request (payroll, annual financial statements, etc.);
  • virtual office packages and company secretary on request.
As for the business and investment direction in Qatar, the following facts, data, and statistics might be in the attention of foreign investors in this country:
  • according to “World Investment Report 2018”, USD 986 million was the FDI inward flow registered in Qatar in 2017;
  • 107.73 is Qatar’s Consumer Price Index for March 2019;
  • 23.7 is the Business Confidence Index for Q4 of 2018 in Qatar;
  • QAR 22.3 billion represents the value of exports registered in March 2019.
Foreign investors wanting to open a company in Umm Said can request the services of our company formation agents in Qatar. We kindly invite you to get in touch with our company formation specialists in Qatar and find out more details about the services we can provide.