Company Formation Services in Al Rayyan

Updated on Wednesday 11th August 2021

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The State of Qatar is found on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and it is one of the preferred business destinations for those wanting to develop their activities in this part of Asia. The country is rich in oil and natural gas reserves, being ranked 3rd alongside other Arabian countries that sustain the world’s natural resources in a large percent. Having in mind the business opportunities, numerous international investors have companies in Qatar, taking advantage of the excellent business climate and advantageous conditions. Our company formation specialists in Qatar are at your service if you need support and guidance for starting a business in Al Rayyan. Below you can find important information about the main company formation services we can provide in Al Rayyan, the third-largest municipality in Qatar.

How can I open a limited liability company in Al Rayyan?

The limited liability company in Qatar is the most popular business structure which addresses to both local and foreign entrepreneurs, mentioning that it can be established by at least two shareholders and minimum share capital of QAR 200,000. The following aspects describe the limited liability company in a large percent:
  • The foreign ownership in a limited liability company cannot exceed 49%.
  • A Qatari partner is needed for opening a limited liability company in Al Rayyan.
  • The Memorandum and the Articles of Association must be translated into Arabic.
  • The Ministry of Economy and Commerce issues the necessary licenses and permits for LLCs in Qatar, including in Al Rayyan.
  • Complete ownership in the company is allowed under certain conditions, depending on the business sector.

One of our Qatar company registration representatives can be at your disposal if you would like to set up an LLC in Al Rayyan. He or she can handle all the aspects regarding the needed documents for your business in Al Rayyan, special licenses and permits, complete company registration in Qatar.

Support for opening a bank account in Al Rayyan

A company in Al Rayyan can only be established with a bank account for which several documents are necessary. The company’s Articles of Association, the personal identification documents of the owners, and some bank forms are necessary for opening a bank account in Al Rayyan. Instead of dealing with the formalities for opening a bank account in Al Rayyan, you can appoint one of our consultants to take care of this aspect. You can also decide on opening a bank account online without having travel to Qatar, however, it is necessary to sign all the documents in person. Our company formation specialists in Qatar are at your service if you would like to open a bank account for your company in Al Rayyan.

We can also provide services related to accounting matters. By working with you, you will make sure that the company is compliant.

Can I purchase a shelf company in Al Rayyan?

Yes, one of our specialists in company formation in Qatar is at your disposal if you want to buy a shelf company in Qatar. This is a ready-made company kept on a shelf until it ages and until someone buys it. In most cases, this is the proper option for that type of entrepreneurs who do not want to wait for the incorporation formalities and instead want to buy a shelf company in Al Rayyan. The registration for tax purposes is the following step once the ownership transfer is concluded. Vintage companies in Al Rayyan have greater credibility in front of financial institutions and can be used right away, in most of the business sectors in this country. 

Support for setting up branches and subsidiaries in Al Rayyan

Large companies from overseas can easily establish branches or subsidiaries in Al Rayyan, with respect to the applicable laws and with complete attention to the needed documents. A branch is completely dependent on the parent company, compared to the subsidiary that has a different status. You can appoint us with a power of attorney to act on your behalf and take care of documents like the Articles of Association, the application form, the governmental contract stating that the foreign company can be established in Al Rayyan, and many more. 

Our lawyers can answer any questions you might have on the applicable laws for foreign investments.

Qatar is an appealing business destination for both local and foreign entrepreneurs and below you can find interesting information about the investments in this country:
  • 17% of the total GDP for 2018 in Qatar was sustained by foreign direct investments;
  • USD 32.7 billion is the FDI flow registered for Qatar in the previous year;
  • according to the “2019 Doing Business” report, Qatar ranks 83rd out of 190 countries;
  • a draft law allowing foreigners to have 100% ownership in the company was approved this year.

If you are interested in company formation services in Al Rayyan, please feel free to contact our specialists in Qatar and address your requests.