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Updated on Tuesday 03rd May 2022

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Auditing is extremely important to companies with activities in Qatar and it shows that all the assets in the firm are correctly obtained, respecting the applicable laws. Our audit firms in Qatar can be hired by any company operating in Qatar that needs to align with the regulations and rules imposed. You can discuss with our Qatar company formation agents and find out more about the services we can provide.

 Quick Facts  
Audit requirements in Qatar

Companies with an income over QAR500,000 require audits

Types of audits

- taxation audit;

- compliance audit;

- income audit;

- company statutory audit;

-internal audit;

- external audit;

- cost-efficient audit

Legislation for audits in Qatar


- Qatar Financial Centre Legislation

Internal audit process

- audit planning,

- verification of financial documents,

- preliminary review,

- internal control review,

- assesment of risk,

- evaluation report

External audit process

- verification of financial statements,

- data analysis,

- audit procedures implementation,

- spoting existing risks,

- preparation of final audit report

Audit reports available (YES/NO)


Financial advisory provided (YES/NO)


Risk management services (YES/NO)


Due diligence audit (YES/NO)


Data quality and controls

On request

Business evaluation

On request

Documentation filling (YES/NO)


Organizational structure audits (YES/NO) Yes 
Free case evaluation for small and medium companies (YES/NO)


We provide tailored services to company owners (YES/NO) Yes

What types of services can be offered by our audit firms in Qatar?

Many activities can be performed by an audit firm in Qatar, depending on the business, necessities, and requirements. Here are a few of the operations of our audit firms in Qatar, mentioning that you can rely on the support of our specialized accountants in Qatar for your firm:
  • Taxation audits.
  • Company statutory audits.
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Financial statement audits.

The audit regulations are important and stand at the base of a correct audit report, issued by the specialist hired for this kind of task. We invite you to discuss with one of our accounting experts in Qatar and find all the information you need, as you can benefit from the services of our qualified auditors. Plus, if you would like to open a company in Qatar, feel free to send your inquiries to our team.

What is an internal audit in Qatar?

An internal audit is necessary for verifying the structure of the company in terms of management and risks. This type of audit proves that the internal and governance control processes in the firm are operating effectively and correctly. An internal audit is quite beneficial for a company in Qatar because such a procedure can reveal the weak points or sectors in the firm. In this case, the auditor in Qatar will create an accurate report, also presenting specific solutions that can be applied in the company for better potential and future developments. There are a series of reports issued right after an internal audit for a company in Qatar, and more details in this sense can be offered by our specialists.

What is an external audit in Qatar?

An independent accountant is in charge of an external audit for companies in Qatar. The main scope of an external audit is to verify and clarify the financial statements of a company, in order to determine the completeness and accuracy of company documents, management, and more. With the help of an external audit, the financial position of a company is consolidated, considering different solutions for possible financial problems detected and mentioned by the final report. All you need to know about the external audits can be explained by our specialists. Feel free to hire the services of our audit firms in Qatar.

Hiring a professional financial auditor in Qatar

It is important to have the support of an experienced financial auditor for your company in Qatar and be sure that the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) are accurately respected and implemented. A fair audit report will make the difference right from the start if you hire a professional auditor with wide experience in the field. You can rely on the support, professionalism, and experience of our accounting specialists and hire the services of our audit firms in Qatar for your company. All the details you need about audits in Qatar can be explained by our specialists.

Making investments in Qatar

Qatar is quite appreciated from a business point of view and already hosts a large number of companies established with foreign capital that benefits from a proper and stable business climate. The oil & gas sector is quite productive in Qatar and many companies activate in this field, protected by the relaxed investment legislation, plus a wide range of incentives offered by the government. The skilled workforce, excellent transportation, and logistics are solid points for international investors in Qatar who want to thrive in this country. Here are some interesting facts and figures that highlight the economy and business direction of Qatar:
  1. The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Qatar 77th out of 190 economies in the world.
  2. Nearly USD 31 billion represented the total FDI stock for Qatar in 2019.
  3. Oil & gas, financial services, construction, real estate, and public works are the main sectors that attract most of the foreign investments in Qatar.
  4. About USD 1.6 billion was the total value of the greenfield investments in Qatar in 2019.

Interested in the services of our audit firms in Qatar? You can contact us right away, whether by phone or email and send us your inquiries.