Pro Services in Qatar

Pro Services in Qatar image October 25, 2021

Pro services in Qatar involve a number of facilities designed to help foreign entrepreneurs establish their activities in this country. Our company training agents in Qatar have experience in matters such as company license, immigration, etc.

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Obtain Return Permit to Qatar

Obtain Return Permit to Qatar image September 23, 2021

Qatar return permit is the type of document with temporary validity that is obtained by foreign citizens who have lived abroad for more than 6 months.

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Investor Visa in Qatar

Investor Visa in Qatar image August 24, 2021

Qatar is a top destination for foreign investors due to its advantages. Being the third country with the largest oil and gas resources in the world, Qatar is attractive in terms of profits generated by this sector.

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Obtain Family Visa in Qatar

Obtain Family Visa in Qatar image August 24, 2021

Qatar family visa is required for those who want to reunite with their family and who want to visit the country in the short term. Such a visa is valid for one month but can be extended under certain conditions.

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Immigrate to Qatar

Immigrate to Qatar image August 23, 2021

People interested in migration to Qatar should expect a relatively simple process. The support of our immigration consultants in Qatar is quite helpful for a simple and fast process.

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Obtain Residency in Qatar

Obtain Residency in Qatar image July 10, 2021

The residence permit in Qatar can be obtained as soon as you move to this country. The process of issuing the residence card in Qatar is not complicated, and foreigners can rely on the services of our specialists.

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Obtain Citizenship in Qatar

Obtain Citizenship in Qatar image July 9, 2021

The legislation in Qatar is quite strict when it comes to citizenship, as such status can be obtained after living in this country for at least 25 years. here are other conditions imposed regarding Qatar citizenship.

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Income Tax in Qatar

Income Tax in Qatar image June 16, 2021

The Qatar income tax only applies to income generated in Qatar, which is an excellent benefit if you wish to start a business in this country.

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افتح شركة ناشئة في قطر

افتح شركة ناشئة في قطر image March 30, 2021

يمكن لرواد الأعمال الدوليين الذين يرغبون في تطوير أنشطتهم في قطر التفكير في تسجيل شركة ناشئة في قطر مهما كان مجال نشاطهم التجاري. تعتبر الشركة ذات المسؤولية المحدودة في معظم الحالات هي الهيكل التجاري المناسب المتاح والذي يمكن تسجيله بسهولة بمساعدة وكلائنا من مختصي تشكيل الشركات في قطر. يمكننا مساعدة كل من رواد الأعمال المحليين والأجانب الذين يرغبون في تسجيل شركة في قطر، وفق القوانين المعمول بها.

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فتح شركة قابضة في قطر

فتح شركة قابضة في قطر image March 30, 2021

يمكن للشركات القابضة في قطر أن تنشط كشركات ذات مسؤولية محدودة أو شركات مساهمة بنسبة 51٪ من الملكية. هناك العديد من المتطلبات لفتح شركة قابضة في قطر، ومن بينها الحد الأدنى لرأس المال الذي يجب إيداعه في حساب مصرفي في قطر.

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